Wednesday, 25 June 2014

White Stork - Hedge End 25th June

With the news of a White Stork breaking from Hedge End mid-afternoon on 24th June followed by a text and a blog post from Trev (The Barley Bird-er) I felt well and truly gripped. It then dawned on me that I was surveying in Waterlooville on the morning of 25th June, the bird being located between home and Waterlooville. I concluded that a dawn raid may pay dividends particularly as the bird was seen going to roost on the evening of 24th. And so, the alarm went off at 05:00 and by 06:15 I was watching the White Stork feeding within the same hay-cut field that it was seen in yesterday - cracking!! Mission accomplished I was off to work and my survey.

White Stork - Hedge End 25th June

Hunting amongst cut hay

Relaxing in sun and showing gular patch

At 08:40 the bird was seen to take-off and fly high to the west. It is yet to be relocated…..