Saturday, 13 June 2015

Cornwall - 13th June

Sarah, Tobias and I were staying in our cottage just the west of St.Ives for the weekend, I intended to relax after a busy couple of weeks at work with some walking and a little birding thrown in. I had my moth trap with me and intended doing some trapping in the garden. Today we walked out onto Gurnard's Head and showed Tobias some of the wildlife of the Cornish coast, day flying moths, Grey Seal, gulls etc. He managed to point out a Peregrine that I missed. we spent the afternoon in St.Ives. All in all a pleasant day which was blighted by the news of an Eastern Black-eared Wheatear on one of my home patches - Acres Down, made worse by Trev texting me a back of the camera image, it pains me but here is a link to his blog write-up, bugger, no doubt a one day bird.

All the below images were taken on my iPhone:

Dusky Brocade

Small Square-spot

Thrift - Carpets in flower on the Gurnard's Head

Wild Carrot

Six-spot Burnet - Abundant on Gurnard's Head 

Six-spot Burnet

Cream-spot Tiger - Freshly emerged and in process of drying wings