Monday, 16 May 2016

Beaulieu Road Station - 12th May

With a lovely sunny evening I was itching to get to the New Forest to see if the Nightjars had arrived so I headed off giving myself enough time to wander from the Shatterford Car Park to get to Bishop's Dyke in time for the last light. Stonechat and Dartford Warbler sang from the Heather while at least two Curlew 'bubbled' from the mires and four Snipe drummed overhead. As I got to Bishop's Dyke at least five Cuckoo were very active chasing one another in territorial dispute but the light was a little low for descent photographs despite the close views. As the sun set the sky burnt orange and mist formed over the valley mire of Bishop's Dyke. And on cue Nightjar began churring with at least four birds in the Bishop's Dyke area chasing and wing clapping frantically as they set-up territory. Two Woodcock were roding overhead and completed a great and atmospheric couple of hours.

Cuckoo - Bishop's Dyke

Mandarin pair in the mist - Bishop's Dyke

Cuckoo at sunset - Bishop's Dyke

Cuckoo showing the distinctive silhouette with raised tail and drooped wings
when calling - Bishop's Dyke

Bishop's Dyke at dusk

Bishop's Dyke at dusk

Bishop's Dyke at dusk

Nightjar - Bishop's Dyke

Nightjar churring from Scot's Pine - Shatterford