Wednesday, 16 November 2016

China Wetlands (Birdquest) Tour - 16th November (Day 13)

This was to be our final morning on Emei Feng Mountain, a last ditch attempt to see Cabot’s Tragopan but when we awoke to a thick fog I was not hopeful. We birded the monastery area at first light seeing relatively little but for five Chinese Bamboo Partridge and then walked a short way down the road adding Lesser Yellownape and the superb Yellow-cheeked Tit to the trip list. The bus based gamebird drive was relatively quiet but for a small number of Silver Pheasant and a Koklass Pheasant, I think the fog had reduced bird activity and, of course, out ability to see birds. We headed back to the lodge, collected our bags and then birded down the mountain with a few short stops on the way. We added the stunning Rufous-faced Warbler and the not so stunning Yellow-bellied Prinia to the list and saw Grey-cheeked (Huet’s) Fulvetta, Streak-breasted Scimitar-babbler, White-crowned Forktail and Black-throated Bushtit.

We left the area at 11:00 for the journey to Changle near to Fuzhou with a lunchstop at Tai Le eventually arriving in Changle at 18:30. After dinner in a local restaurant we spent the night in the Jinfeng Guohui Hotel which felt fairly plush compared to the accommodation on Emeifeng Mountain and a decent shower was very welcome.

Lesser Yellownape of subspecies citrinocristatus which is sometimes split as Chinese Yellownape - Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

Yellow-cheeked Tit of subspecies rex- Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

White-crowned Forktail - Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

White Wagtail subspecies leucopsis - Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

Emei Feng Mountain, Taining

Mmmm, chicken and snails

Life Birds;
  • Rufous-faced Warbler