Wednesday, 11 June 2014

'Tail Enders'

Here are a few tail end photos from recent weeks that I never got around to posting.

Most of my photos are now digiscoped with Sony RX100M2 and Kowa 883 scope with 20-60 wide angle zoom eyepiece. I like this set-up and while photos are not as good as an SLR I do like the portability of the set-up combined with the long range abilities. Anyways;

On 31st May these Coot chicks at Pennington looked to be newly hatched with the parents feeding their six offspring avidly.

However, as is the way with Coot the adults frequently turned on their chicks while they were begging for food. A number of hypothesis for this are given and it is thought that parent birds may attack and kill their chicks to reduce the demand for food when food supplies are short or it may reduce the demand of that chick for feedings thereby reducing sibling competition and encouraging independence. This behaviour is known as 'tousling.

Also on 31st May at Pennington these Common Tern were 'getting it together'.

The first Redstart chicks at Denny Wood had hatched by 31st May with this male scolding my approach while feeding his chicks.

This Treecreeper was also feeding chicks and was foraging amongst the abundant lichens on the oaks in Denny Wood.