Monday, 4 February 2013

Spring is Here?

It was a pleasure to be working on site today, the sun was shining and it truly felt like Spring was around the corner. The site is located just to the north of Romsey and is a tree lined lake which affords a high degree of shelter and receives the first of the suns warmth. In the morning light a pair of Great Crested Grebe were performing their courtship displays with face to face ritualised head-shaking and preening but this morning the display not progressing into the spectacular 'weed dance' . Other signs of Spring included Rook carrying nest material back to their nests and a great deal of activity around the local rookery.  The first Colt's-foot in flower with attendant Drone-fly Eristalis pertinax added a splash of colour to still bare earth banks.

Eristalis pertinax - Deskbound Birder
Drone-fly Eristalis pertinax - Simon Colenutt

Colt's-foot - Deskbound Birder
Colt's-foot - Simon Colenutt