Sunday, 23 September 2012

Magnolia Warbler, 2nd British Record - 23rd September 2012

Oh, to have been on Fair Isle today, after all the yellow-browed warblers of yesterday (14 reported today) a stunning magnolia warbler was found, fittingly, on the west of the island at Copper Geo. While common in the USA, there is only a single British record of this species from St.Agnes, Isles of Scilly on 27th and 28th September 1981. An account and photographs of the Fair Isle find can be seen here.

I have previously seen this species widely in the USA and central America, here is a  bird photographed in Mexico, although unlike the Fair Isle bird which appears to be a 1st winter, this is an adult in non breeding plumage:

Magnolia warbler, Mexico -Simon Colenutt The Deskbound Birder

Magnolia warbler, Mexico (Simon Colenutt)

The very same weather patterns as produced the influx of yellow-browed warbler of yesterday are clearly producing the same from the west, if one studies the synoptic chart shown on the blog from 21st a clear westerly airflow can be seen generated by high 1033 and low 990. This airflow clearly originating from the coast of the USA and Canada.

Also on the island today were a lanceolated warbler, Arctic warbler and a Blyth's reed warbler, a cliche, but truly an east meets west collection. Further afield this cliche was repeated on Shetland with a Swainson's thrush and Sykes's warbler on Foula and great snipe and buff-breasted sandpiper on mainland Shetland. How will Scilly respond? What about one of these:

Wilson's warbler, Mexico Simon Colenutt, The Deskbound Birder

Wilson's warbler (adult male), Mexico (Simon Colenutt)

The only British record being of a bird at Rame Head, Cornwall on 13th October 1985 in a similar plumage to the one above.